北师大版新高中英语同步词汇学习笔记-必修一 Unit 1 Writing Workshop & Reading Club


junior /ˈdʒuːniə(r)/ 【形】初级的,年少的

    • She was promoted to a senior position after working as a junior staff for three  years. 她在担任初级员工三年后晋升到高级职位。

    • As a junior member of the team, he was assigned to do some basic research work. 作为团队的初级成员,他被分配做一些基础研究工作。

    • Junior  employees are encouraged to ask questions and learn from more experienced  colleagues. 鼓励初级员工提问并向经验更丰富的同事学习。


formal /ˈfɔːml/ 【形】正式的,公开的

    • The dress  code for the event is formal, so please dress accordingly. 活动的着装要求是正式的,所以请相应着装。

    • The meeting   was conducted in a formal atmosphere with a strict agenda. 会议在正式的氛围中进行,有着严格的议程。

    • He wrote a  formal letter of apology to the customer for the mistake. 他给顾客写了一封正式的道歉信以表达歉意。



adapt /əˈdæpt/ 【动】适应,改编

    • The company   has adapted its marketing strategy to better meet the needs of the target  audience. 公司已经调整了它的营销策略以更好地满足目标受众的需求。

    • It took me  some time to adapt to the new working environment. 我花了一些时间适应新的工作环境。

    • The novel  was adapted into a movie that was well-received by audiences. 这本小说被改编成了一部备受观众喜爱的电影。



gym /dʒɪm/ 【名】体育馆,健身房

    • He goes to the gym every day to work out and stay in shape. 他每天去健身房锻炼身体,保持健康。

    • The school has a large gymnasium that can be used for a variety of sports activities. 学校有一个大的体育馆,可以进行各种运动活动。

    • She hired a  personal trainer at the gym to help her achieve her fitness goals. 她在健身房雇了一个私人教练来帮助她实现健身目标。


moment /ˈməʊmənt/ 【名】瞬间,时刻

    • I'll be with  you in a moment, I just need to finish this email. 我马上就来,我只需要完成这封电子邮件。

    • The moment he saw her, he knew that she was the one for him. 他一看见她,就知道她是他的真命天女。

    • This is a   moment that we will remember for the rest of our lives. 这是我们一生中将会铭记的时刻。



presentation     /ˌprezənˈteɪʃn/ 【名】演讲,介绍

    • She gave a  presentation on the company's new product line at the conference. 她在会议上介绍了公司的新产品系列。

    • The  presentation was well-organized and engaging, and the audience was very receptive. 这个演讲组织得很好,引人入胜,观众反应热烈。engaging 动人的;迷人的;有魅力的  receptive 易接受的;愿意接受的

    • He prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the meeting to help illustrate his points. 他为会议准备了一个 PowerPoint 演示文稿,以帮助阐明他的观点。



slide /slaɪd/ 【名】幻灯片,滑动

    • The  presentation had over 50 slides, which made it a bit long. 这个演示文稿有50多页,有点太长了。


    • The child   slid down the slide at the playground with a big smile. 孩子在游乐场上开心地滑下滑梯。


look forward  to 【短语】期待

    • I'm looking  forward to the weekend, I need some time to relax. 我期待着周末,我需要一些时间来放松。

    • They are looking forward to their trip to Europe next month. 他们期待着下个月去欧洲旅行。

    • We are  looking forward to seeing you again soon. 我们期待着尽快再次见到你。


draft /drɑːft/ 【名】草稿,草案

    • He's still  working on the first draft of his novel, it's not ready to be published yet. 他还在写小说的第一稿,还不准备出版。

    • I need to  make some revisions to the draft before submitting it to my supervisor. 我需要对草稿进行一些修改,然后提交给我的主管。

    • The president reviewed the draft of the new policy and made some changes  before it was finalized. 总统审阅了新政策的草案,并在最终确定之前进行了一些修改。


format /ˈfɔːmæt/ 【名】格式,版式

    • The document  needs to be in a specific format in order to be accepted. 这个文件需要按照特定格式才能被接受。

    • The book is available in both print and digital formats. 这本书有印刷版和数字版两种格式。

    • Can you help   me format my resume? 你能帮我排版简历吗?


issue /ˈɪʃuː/ 【名】问题,争议

    • The company   is facing some important issues that need to be addressed. 公司面临一些重要的问题需要解决。

    • The issue of   climate change is a global concern that affects everyone. 气候变化的问题是一个全球性的关切,影响着每个人。

    • We need to  discuss this issue further before making a decision. 我们需要进一步讨论这个问题,然后再做决定。


licence /ˈlaɪsns/ 【名】许可证,执照

    • He applied  for a driver's licence and passed the test on his first try. 他申请了驾照并在第一次考试中通过了。

    • The software  is protected by a licence agreement that restricts its use. 这个软件受到许可协议的保护,限制了它的使用。

    • The company  has a licence to operate in this state, but it needs to be renewed every year. 公司在这个州有经营许可证,但每年需要续订一次。


teapot /ˈtiːpɒt/ 【名】茶壶

    • She poured  the boiling water into the teapot and let the tea steep for a few  minutes. 她把热水倒入茶壶中,让茶叶浸泡几分钟。steep 浸泡

    • The teapot  was decorated with a beautiful floral pattern. 茶壶上装饰着美丽的花卉图案。

    • He bought a vintage teapot at an antique store as a gift for his mother. 他在古董店买了一个古董茶壶作为母亲的礼物。


crop /krɒp/ 【名】庄稼,农作物


    • The farmers harvested the wheat crop in early September. 农民们在九月初收获了小麦庄稼。

    • The crop yield was lower than expected due to a lack of rain. 由于缺乏雨水,庄稼产量低于预期。jield 

      n. 投资收益;生产量

    • The  government provided subsidies to farmers who experienced crop losses due  to natural disasters. 政府向因自然灾害而遭受农作物损失的农民提供补贴。


aid /eɪd/ 【名】援助,帮助

    • The  government provided aid to the victims of the earthquake. 政府向地震灾民提供援助。

    • The charity organization raised funds to provide aid to refugees. 慈善组织筹集资金为难民提供援助。

    • The aid   workers distributed food and water to those in need. 援助工作者向需要的人分发食物和水。


digestion /daɪˈdʒestʃən/ 【名】消化

    • The process  of digestion begins in the mouth with the chewing of food. 消化过程始于口腔,通过咀嚼食物开始。

    • The   digestive system is responsible for breaking down food into nutrients. 消化系统负责将食物分解为营养物质。

    • Some people  experience digestive problems after eating certain foods. 有些人在食用某些食物后会出现消化问题。



digest /daɪˈdʒest/ 【动】消化,吸收

    • It takes several hours for the body to digest a large meal. 身体需要几个小时才能消化一顿大餐。

    • The stomach  acid helps to digest the food and break down the nutrients. 胃酸有助于消化食物和分解营养物质。



recreation /ˌrekriˈeɪʃn/ 【名】娱乐,休闲活动

       He moved   from the city to a rural area to enjoy a quieter and simpler life. 他从城市搬到了乡村,享受更加安静和简单的生活。

    • He enjoys  outdoor recreation such as hiking and camping. 他喜欢户外娱乐,比如徒步旅行和野营。

    • The town has   several parks and recreation areas for residents to enjoy. 这个城镇有几个公园和娱乐区供居民享受。


      rural /ˈrʊərəl/ 【形】乡村的,农村的

    • The rural  landscape was picturesque, with rolling hills and fields of crops. 农村风光如画,起伏的山丘和庄稼田野交相辉映。

    • The rural    community came together to help one another during a recent flood. 在最近的洪灾中,农村社区团结一心,互相帮助。


cave /keɪv/ 【名】洞穴,山洞

    • The   explorers discovered a hidden cave deep in the jungle. 探险家们在丛林深处发现了一个隐藏的山洞。

    • The cave was   filled with stalactites and stalagmites, which made it a popular tourist  attraction. 洞穴里有很多钟乳石和石笋,使其成为一个受欢迎的旅游景点。

    • They camped  inside the cave for the night, surrounded by complete darkness. 他们在洞穴里露营度过了一夜,四周一片漆黑。



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