北师大版新高中英语同步词汇学习笔记-必修一 Unit 2 Topic Talk


athlete /ˈæθliːt/ (n.) 运动员

  1. She's an accomplished athlete who has won several medals in international  competitions. 她是一名有成就的运动员,在国际比赛中赢得了几枚奖牌。

  2. The school is looking for talented athletes to join their sports teams. 学校正在寻找有才华的运动员加入他们的运动队。

  3. He trains  every day to become a better athlete. 他每天训练,以成为一名更好的运动员。

固定搭配: professional athlete (n.) 职业运动员

  • She dreams of  becoming a professional athlete one day. 她梦想有一天成为一名职业运动员。


frequency /ˈfriːkwənsi/ (n.) 频率

  1. The frequency of his visits has decreased over time. 他的访问频率随着时间的推移而减少。

  2. The radio station  broadcasts at a frequency of 92.5 MHz. 该电台以92.5 MHz的频率播出。

  3. The frequency of the waves determines the pitch of the sound. 波的频率决定了声音的音高。

固定搭配: high frequency (adj.) 高频

  • The radio  station specializes in broadcasting high frequency signals. 该电台专门播放高频信号。


prefer /prɪˈfɜːr/ (v.) 更喜欢

  1. I prefer tea  to coffee. 我更喜欢茶而不是咖啡。

  2. They prefer  to travel by train rather than by plane. 他们更喜欢乘坐火车而不是飞机旅行。

  3. She prefers to work alone rather than in a team. 她更喜欢独自工作而不是在团队中工作。



rather than (conj.) 而不是

  1. He decided to  stay home and read a book rather than go out with his friends. 他决定呆在家里看书而不是和朋友出去。

  2. She prefers  to cook her own meals rather than eat out. 她更喜欢自己做饭而不是外出就餐。

  3. I would rather study for the exam than go to the party. 我宁愿为考试学习也不愿去参加聚会。


golf /ɡɑːlf/ (n.) 高尔夫球

  1. He's been playing golf for years and has won several tournaments. 他打高尔夫球已经多年了,并赢得了几个比赛。

  2. She enjoys  playing golf with her friends on weekends. 她喜欢在周末和朋友们一起打高尔夫球。

  3. Golf is a popular sport in many countries around the world. 高尔夫球是世界上许多国家流行的运动。


gymnastics /dʒɪmˈnæstɪks/ (n.) 体操

  1. She's been  practicing gymnastics since she was a child and has won several awards. 她从小就开始练习体操,并赢得了几个奖项。

  2. The  gymnastics team is training hard for the upcoming competition. 体操队正在为即将到来的比赛努力训练。

  3. Gymnastics  requires a lot of strength, flexibility, and balance. 体操需要很多力量、灵活性和平衡能力。


jog /dʒɑːɡ/ (v.) 慢跑

  1. She likes to  jog in the park every morning before work. 她喜欢在上班前每天早上在公园慢跑。

  2. He jogs for half an hour every day to stay in shape. 他每天慢跑半个小时,保持身材。

  3. Jogging is a  great way to improve cardiovascular health. 慢跑是改善心血管健康的好方法。cardiovascular [ˌkɑːdiəʊ'væskjələ(r)] adj.心脏血管的

固定搭配: power jog (v.) 快走

  • She's 

    been power jogging every morning to prepare for the upcoming marathon. 她每天早上进行快走来准备即将到来的马拉松比赛。


cycle /ˈsaɪkl/ (v.) 骑自行车

  1. They like to cycle along the river on weekends. 他们喜欢在周末沿着河边骑自行车。

  2. He cycles to work every day instead of driving. 他每天骑自行车上班,而不是开车。

  3. Cycling is a  great way to stay active and improve your health. 骑自行车是保持活力和提高健康的好方法。

固定搭配: cycling lane (n.) 自行车道

  • The city  recently built a new cycling lane to promote cycling as a means of transportation. 市政府最近建了一条新的自行车道,以促进骑自行车作为交通工具的使用。


bowling /ˈboʊlɪŋ/ (n.) 保龄球

  1. They're  planning a bowling night with friends next weekend. 他们计划下周末和朋友们去打保龄球。

  2. She's been practicing her bowling skills to join the league. 她一直在练习她的保龄球技能,以加入联盟。

  3. Bowling is a  fun indoor activity that people of all ages can enjoy. 保龄球是一项有趣的室内活动,所有年龄段的人都可以享受。

固定搭配: bowling alley (n.) 保龄球馆

  • The bowling alley has 10 lanes and is open until midnight on weekends. 保龄球馆有10条球道,周末营业到午夜。


skateboard /ˈskeɪt.bɔːrd/ (n.) 滑板

  1. He enjoys  skateboarding in the park with his friends. 他喜欢和朋友在公园里滑板。

  2. She's been  practicing her skateboard tricks for the upcoming competition. 她一直在为即将到来的比赛练习她的滑板技巧。

  3. Skateboarding  requires a lot of balance and coordination. 滑板需要很多平衡和协调能力。


track /træk/ (n.) 跑道

  1. He likes to  run on the track at the gym to improve his speed. 他喜欢在健身房的跑道上跑步,以提高他的速度。

  2. She's been training on the track for the upcoming race. 她一直在跑道上训练,为即将到来的比赛做准备。

  3. The school  has a new track and field facility for students to use. 学校有一个新的田径场地供学生使用。

固定搭配: track and field (n.) 田径运动

  • He's a  talented athlete who excels in track and field events such as the long   jump and the 100-meter dash. 他是一名才华横溢的运动员,擅长田径比赛,如跳远和100米短跑。


in good shape (phrase) 身体健康

  1. She exercises  regularly and eats a healthy diet to stay in good shape. 她经常锻炼和吃健康的饮食以保持身体健康。

  2. He's been  running every day and has lost weight and is now in good shape. 他每天跑步,已经减肥了,现在身体很健康。

  3. In order to be in good shape, it's important to get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. 为了保持身体健康,重要的是要有足够的睡眠和喝足够的水。


in bad shape (phrase) 身体不好

  1. He's been sick for weeks and is in bad shape. 他病了几个星期,身体不好。

  2. She injured  her knee and is in bad shape to participate in the competition. 她受伤了,身体状况不好,无法参加比赛。

  3. In order to  avoid being in bad shape, it's important to take care of your health and  see a doctor regularly. 为了避免身体不好,重要的是要保持健康并定期看医生。


diet /ˈdaɪət/ (n.) 饮食

  1. She follows a  strict vegetarian diet and avoids meat and dairy products. 她遵循严格的素食饮食,避免肉类和乳制品。

  2. He's been on a low-carb diet and has lost weight. 他一直在低碳水化合物饮食中,已经减肥了。

  3. A balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. 平衡饮食包括水果、蔬菜、全谷物和瘦蛋白质。


stair /steər/ (n.) 楼梯

  1. He takes the stairs instead of the elevator to get some exercise. 他走楼梯而不是坐电梯锻炼身体。

  2. She tripped  and fell down the stairs, injuring her ankle. 她绊倒了,摔下了楼梯,脚踝受伤了。trip 绊倒


net /net/ (n.) 网

  1. He plays tennis   every week with his friends on the court with the net. 他每周和朋友在有网的球场上打网球。

  2. She's been practicing her volleyball skills, including serving over the net. 她一直在练习她的排球技巧,包括在网上发球。

  3. The soccer goal has a net that catches the ball when it goes in. 足球门有一个网,当球进门时会捕捉球。


固定搭配: safety net (n.) 安全网

  • Having a  savings account can be a safety net in case of unexpected expenses. 拥有储蓄账户可以在出现意外开支时成为安全网。


court /kɔːrt/ (n.) 法庭

  1. He works as a  lawyer and spends a lot of time in court. 他是一名律师,花了很多时间在法庭上。

  2. She was called to appear in court as a witness in the trial. 她被传唤到法庭作为审判的证人出庭。

  3. The judge  presides over the court and makes decisions based on the law. 法官主持法庭,根据法律作出决定。

固定搭配: court order (n.) 法庭命令

  • The court  issued a restraining order to prevent the defendant from contacting the  victim. 法庭发布了一项禁令,以防止被告与受害者联系。

    defendant 被告


within /wɪðˈɪn/ (prep.) 在...范围之内

  1. The store  offers free delivery within a 10-mile radius. 商店在10英里范围内提供免费送货服务。

    radius n. 半径范围;半径;桡骨;辐射区

  2. She needs to finish the project within the next week. 她需要在下一周内完成这个项目。

  3. The concert  starts within the hour, so we need to hurry up. 音乐会在一个小时内开始,所以我们需要赶快。

固定搭配: within reach (phrase) 在范围之内

  • With hard work and dedication, success is within reach. 通过努力和投入,成功就在你的范围之内。