北师大版新高中英语同步词汇学习笔记-必修一 Unit 1


voluntary adj. 自愿的;志愿的

  1. He made a voluntary donation to the homeless shelter. 他自愿向无家可归者收容所捐款。

2. She performed voluntary work in the community. 她在社区做义工工作。


native 本土的,本地人

The native animals have adapted to the changing environment. 本地动物已经适应了不断变化的环境。

The native people are  resourceful and creative. 本地人既足智多谋又富有创造力。resourceful adj. 资源丰富的;足智多谋的


range 一系列;范围,界限;距离

1. I need to think over a wide range of options. 我需要考虑各种不同的选择。

2. The range of prices at the store is reasonable. 该商店的价格范围很合理。

3. The range of colors that they offer is impressive. 他们提供的颜色范围令人印象深刻。

4. The range of products in the store is stunning. 该商店的产品范围令人惊叹。stunning  adj. 令人震惊的;<口>极好的;极漂亮的


various 各种各样的,不同的

People are discussing various aspects of the issue. 人们正在讨论这个问题的各个方面。

The shop offers various products. 这家商店提供各种各样的产品。

We can find various kinds of books in the library. 我们可以在图书馆里找到各种各样的书籍。

vary  v. 改变;变化;使多样化

1. The weather conditions vary from day to day.(天气状况每天都在变化。)

2. His attitude towards life varies a lot.(他对待生活的态度变化很大。)

3. The prices in the market vary with the season.(市场价格随季节而变化。)


necessity  [nə'sesəti]   n. 需要;必需品;必然

1. We must recognize the necessity of improving our education system.  我们必须认识到改善我们的教育体系的必要性。

2. Necessity is the mother of invention.  需要是发明之母。

3. There is no necessity to hurry.  没有必要匆忙。

convenient  adj. 便利的;方便的

1. It's so convenient for me to shop online. 这对我来说在网上购物是非常方便的。2. This new mobile phone has a lot of convenient functions. 这款新手机有很多便捷功能。

addict vt. 沉溺;使 ... 上瘾   n. 耽溺者;上瘾者

1. He was addicted to the game and spent hours playing it. 他沉溺于这个游戏,花了几个小时玩。

2. She is an addict of junk food. 她是垃圾食品的上瘾者。

3. He has become an addict to alcohol. 他已经成为酒精上瘾者。

addiction  n. 沉溺;上瘾

He has an addiction to drugs. 他上瘾了药物。

He has an addiction to gambling. 他上瘾于赌博。

according to    prep. 按照;根据;取决于

She will take the exam according to the regulations. 她将按照规定参加考试。

He will decide the final price according to the market situation. 他会根据市场情况决定最终价格。

accordingly  adv. 因此;相应地;于是

She changed her plans accordingly. 她相应地改变了计划。

I will adjust my lifestyle accordingly. 我将相应地调整自己的生活方式。

in person 亲自

1. I will go there in person to check the situation. 我要亲自去那里检查情况。

2. He decided to apologize in person. 他决定亲自道歉。

media  n. 传播媒介;(medium的复数)媒体;新闻媒介)

Social media has become an important part of people's lives.  社交媒体已经成为人们生活中重要的一部分。

Newspapers are a traditional form of media.  报纸是传统媒体形式。

the media 媒体

The media is often criticized for its sensational reporting. 媒体经常因其耸人听闻的报道而受到批评。

drag one's feet 做事拖拉,迟迟不做

It is not a good idea to drag your feet when the work needs to be done. 

tend to do sth. 易于做某事;往往会做某事

She tends to forget things easily. 她往往容易忘记事情。

He tends to make a lot of mistakes. 他往往会犯很多错误。

goal  n. 球门;目标;得分

She set a goal to run a marathon this year. 她设定了一个今年跑马拉松的目标。

He achieved all of his goals. 他实现了他所有的目标。

aim  n. 目标;对准;枪法  vt. 瞄准;针对  vi. 瞄准;旨在;致力

Our aim is to provide better service to our customers. 我们的目标是为客户提供更好的服务。

I aim to finish the task by tomorrow.  我的目标是明天完成这项任务。

aimless  adj. 无目的的;没有目标的

He had an aimless life without any goals.  他过的是没有任何目标的人生。

target n. 目标;对象;靶  vt. 把 ... 作为目标;瞄准

These health care products are targeted at old people. 这些保健品针对的是老年人。

Many extremly lonely people in the community are easy targets of cheating .社区中许多极度孤独的人很容易成为欺骗的目标。

distance 距离;间距;冷淡,疏远;vt 使远离;使疏远

I tried to keep a distance from him. 我试图和他保持距离。

We had grown distant these days. 我们最近变得疏远了。

She distanced herself from the political debate. 她跟政治辩论保持着距离。

volunteer   n. 志愿者 V.自愿,无偿(做某事);主动说

I volunteered to help clean up the park. 我自愿帮忙打扫公园。

She volunteered her time to tutor children in reading. 她自愿抽出时间来教孩子们阅读。

The local community volunteers to donate food to the homeless. 当地社区志愿者捐赠食物给无家可归的人们。

revise v.复习;温习;修订,修正

I need to revise my vocabulary for the exam. 我得复习一下词汇以备考试。

I have to revise my math notes before the exam. 我得在考试前复习我的数学笔记。

The team leader asked us to revise the plan. 团队负责人要求我们修订计划。

saying (说)话;(发表)言论;格言,警句,谚语

As the popular saying goes, "Every minute counts!" 常言道:“分秒必争!”

It goes without saying that everyone should be treated equally. 这是不言而喻的,每个人都应该得到平等的对待。

ahead adv. 领先;预先;在前;向前;提前

He was ahead of all the other competitors.  他比所有其他竞争者都领先。

We need to stay ahead in the market.  我们需要在市场中保持领先。

You have a long trip ahead of you. 你前面还有很长的路要走。

get ahead 领先;取得成功

She worked hard to get ahead in her career. 她努力工作,以获得职业上的成功。

positive 正面的;积极乐观的;确实的,确信的

He is a very positive person. 他是个非常积极乐观的人。

He had a positive effect on his team. 他对他的团队产生了积极的影响。

His attitude towards the job is very positive.  他对这份工作的态度是非常积极的。

negative 否定的,负面的,消极的,(电/数字)负的;(医)阴性的

She had a negative view of the situation. 她对这种情况有消极的看法。

The digital display was negative. 数字显示是负的。

improve on /upon 对......做出改进;做得比.....更好

The company is always looking for ways to improve upon their processes. 公司总是在寻找改进流程的方法。

ideal 理想的,完美的;理想,完美的人/事物

1. She is an ideal teacher for me.  她是我理想中的老师。

2. It is my ideal to become a doctor.  成为一名医生是我的理想。

3. I am sure he is the ideal candidate for the job.  我确定他是这份工作的理想人选。

4. They had an ideal marriage.  他们有一段理想的婚姻。



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